Where have the first four months of this year disappeared to? Blink and you miss them, hey? “Wow. Time flies,” as our featured artist for this issue, Kid Acne, phrased it. It feels like we’ve hardly had chance to show our faces during that time, but from May onwards we’ll be back out and about for events. In collaboration with the Arts Council we’re staging multi-arts showcases in Gorton, Moston and Stockport. Gorton’s first up on Saturday 24 May, so book that one in. It’s free entry and there’s more info on page 35 and online.

As for the magazine, from now on you’ll also see more of those around the usual spots as well as further afield as we spread our wings further across the city. Our slightly evolved back page map illustrates where you’ll find us. Content-wise, make sure you browse the Gorton feature which includes Paul Kirkham’s words and David Dunnico’s photography, as well as the latter’s musings on statues for the Localcheck page. There’s plenty more besides covering our usually broad range of subjects.