For our first foray into the ether in 2015, we’ve welcomed in a few firsts.

Issue 15 marks the first time we’ve included Food section listings picks (head here to see those) and it’s also the first time we’ve featured Alt Lit. More on that via the Word Life section.

Perhaps most excitingly of all is the first videoed interview to appear on this site. Elspeth Vischer took her SLR along to Band on the Wall to put John Fairhurst on the spot. Both the written and visual results are worth a look.

Jamie Groovement’s interviews with Fumaça Preta and Son Little complete a trio of musical tête-à-têtes. To read extended versions of those, keep your eyes on Groovement.co.uk.

Elsewhere, David Ewing analyses the MEN-sponsored ‘Devo Manc’ promises, Tom Warman explores local independent coffee in the main Food section piece, Dave Jones takes a trip round Ramsbottom and James Wise takes a trip down memory lane. Cameron Broadhurst labels a segment of Manchester’s current music scene as its Beat Generation, Kate Morris has a word with JB Shorts about the forthcoming Re:play Festival and Birdman is critiqued by Jack Clare.

Art-wise, you’ll see a variety this time as we’ve compiled some of the picks from last year’s featured few. The background image here is by Bedelgeuse.

As ever, get in touch with anything you’d like to write about for the next issue, which will arrive in February.