This month, same as any other, we have a suitably eclectic mix of art, culture, politics and more from Manchester and beyond.

In the literary world, we continue our Alt Lit series in the Word Life section and Daisy Kidd reviews Atef Abu Saif’s harrowing insight into the destruction in Gaza, paralleling the devastated scenes in Beyond Flesh and Blood, a Manchester-based computer game currently under construction whose demo is reviewed by Sean Mason.

YGR Erskine takes on the gourmet burger fad in the Food section, while other tasty morsels include interviews with music makers Dark Dark Dark and humour merchant Ellie Taylor, as well as reviews of various Re:play Festival productions, new albums, last month’s live shows, and Manchester’s answer to Kidulthood, Brothers’ Day.

A trip to Paris in January meant Cameron Broadhurst found himself in the same postcode as the Charlie Hebdo shootings. James Wise puts messenger cycling under the microscope by posing questions to two peddlers who know the Manchester routes, while I have a look at local democracy in action.

Backing the words, you’ll see the Czech photographer Martin Vlach’s work scattered across this issue.

Enjoy the read and we’ll see you next month.