It’s easy to be disheartened when social justice seemingly takes a knock at the hands of so many voters, but the need for people-led, non-corporate, independent media sources becomes ever stronger. So we have one thing to say about it: get involved. If not by sharing information on local projects, initiatives, groups, good causes and alternative ideas through Now Then, then by engaging with politics locally in other ways and adopting action rather than words. Let’s help to counteract individualistic, anti-societal measures by working together for change from the grassroots upwards.

In the spirit of protest, we have an article by Frankie Hall on how best to oppose any EDL marches, while Sarah’s Christie looks at social business exchange in the EU while such initiatives are still available. We have a look at buildings old (Ged Camera on Roadhouse) and new (Tom Warman on architectural curtain raisers), and highlight a couple of examples of independent publishing in the form of the Salford Zine Library and Pariah Press’s latest publication.

This month’s Stage section extends to dance as well, covering a pair of projects worthy of your time, while our interview questions are directed towards Scor-Zay-Zee, On Yer Mic’s Caveman, and our featured lino print artist James Green, alongside writing on food festivals and the film director Claire Denis.

Enjoy the read.