20 seems like a milestone to celebrate, so after raising a brief glass to our one-score mix of printed and virtual longevity, let’s press on with what’s in the web pages this month.

There’s more post-election fallout, this time from south-Manchester raised journo Owen Jones, who answers Sam Walby’s questions.

On that topic, if you’ve got something you’d like the new government to hear then head down to London on 20 June for the scheduled demo march to add your voice.

Elsewhere, YGR Erskine visited the Manchester Women’s Institute for Localcheck and Word Life’s main feature is a comic strip of a Hollie McNish poem.

It’s another bumper music section, which includes chin wags with Werkha, PINS, Frameworks and Reflex – all boasting brand new material at the moment.

Elspeth Vischer writes about discovering film director Carol Morley’s back catalogue in Filmreel and Kate Morris puts faces to names of the 1956 Theatre Company.

There are also four new productions reviewed in Stage, a pair of new publications covered in Books, and live music and albums aplenty.

The backgrounds are by Brendan Monroe’s hands, including colourful contours, sculptures and murals.

Rather than complying with the anti-speeding campaign slogan of 20’s plenty in this case, we’ll be back for more next month, so keep ’em peeled.