As a summer treat, we have the soulful tones of a mix (below) by wandering sonic explorer Lowell Walbank, aka Worldwide 45s. He explains more about his aural adventures and love affair with obscure vinyl in this month’s sound section.

The biannual International Festival is well under way and you’re again spoilt for choice. We’ve been along to a few of the early shows and told the tales via a special MIF Stage Reviews section. Our Stage section feature focuses on a new discipline to these web pages, Sean Gandini’s juggling act. He’s interviewed by Nathan McIlroy.

Elsewhere, the documentary photographer David Dunnico returns to write about Skyliner’s latest city tours, Christ Tavner follows up his Northern ReSisters book review by chatting to its author and a contributor, Word Life takes on a boars themes, and YGR Erskine looks at the Kitchens casual dining competition in Spinningfields as well as Paul Grogan’s exhibition due in town later in July.

Into the music section, Joe Mills has a hard time getting any responses from The Last Poets’ Umar Bin Hassan, Elspeth Vischer went along to Sara Lowes’ Graphene Week performance, Jacob Ormrod discusses sexism and feminism in the music industry and we have the usual mixture of live and albums reviews to read.

This month’s art is by Nick Taylor, a digital illustrator whose work has ranged from album covers to poster projects. In case some of the art is obscured behind text, the button on the top left of the screen allows you to see the full picture.

And here’s that mix I mentioned. Just press play.