As the final sparklers fizzle out, we re-enter the web sphere for our 25th issue.

Turn these digital pages and you’ll find big bangs, bright lights and underhand plots, including David Dunnico’s paean to the continuing relevance of 1984, Longtom Richardson’s balanced view of the homelessness problem in Manchester, Ella Bucknall’s chronicling of Manchester’s ice cream wars and David Ewing’s study of the Ordsall Chord conundrum.

Kate Morris looks at another writer’s legacy in Stage and a bumper Food section tucks into Sustainability (Charles Veys) and the Northern Vegfest (Sara Louise Tonge), with vegetarian recipes to try out.

Elsewhere, we have book reviews by Tom Warman, Samuel Buckley dips his toe into Hollywood for Filmreel and Anna Tuck sat down for a chat with Manchester’s Buffalo Brothers. All the while, Andy Cropper’s oil paintings will be tickling your visual globes.

Glance to the column to the right for everything else, and look out for another issue next month.