This twelfth issue of 2015 marks another year that’s flown by quicker than a parliamentary vote. Our elected ayes and nays in the contents columns to the right mix the suitably festive with the suitably wintry, all watched over by the patriarchal despot depicted in Santa’s Workshop by this month’s artist, Steve Cutts.

A few words with Cutts is one of three interviews this month, the others being melodic indie types Braids and the egalitarian academic responsible for The Spirit Level, Richard Wilkinson. Speaking of books, the Food section this issue hosts a pair of recipes from The Manchester Cookbook, while Work Life adopts the theme of cities to guide its selection of poems.

Localcheck sees writing on the unavoidable Xmas markets across the region along with an insight into Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign’s workshops.

Elsewhere, we feature thoughts and musings on stage, music, art exhibitions, justice and the Rebel Alliance.

Tuck in.