As is customary at Now Then HQ, we’re starting 2016 with a recap of the previous year’s featured artists, from Martin Vlach’s black and white photoshopgraphy to Steve Cutts’ striking satire. You can find a reminder of all 11, starting with this cover background by Brendan Monroe and continuing via the jumps to the right. As ever, you can click the icon displaying a square with an arrow inside it to the top left of each page for a proper peek if the artwork is obscured.

In words, we have Q&As with Jo Lane from 16 Days of Street Art on their Pillars Of The Community project, Catriona Watson from Rethinking Economics on the benefits of keeping it local and independent, Kris Extance from Sessions of March on their second round of music videos and Richard Lomax from The Tontine, whose new single, ‘I Cycle’, we’re exclusively streaming on their interview page.

Word Life takes on a theme of renewal and closure, Stage looks at the year ahead, Sara Louise Tonge reviews The Music Factor for Filmreel and there are a handful of musical reviews worth tuning into.

Whatever your plans for this latest instalment of the Gregorian calendar, stay creative and enjoy the read.