Here we are again, well and truly entrenched in our late 20s. Perhaps greater responsibility beckons in Now Then’s 30s, or greater freedom. Or maybe it will be more of the same. Certainly, for the time being we’re living for the moment and writing on a whim, a neatly stacked whim situated just to the right of your screen.

Speaking of whimsy, Michael Waraksa’s art across this issue delivers on that front. As ever, you can view each page’s full art work by clicking the arrowed icon to the top left of the screen.

In the foregrounds lie the words of this issue’s contributors, be they by David Dunnico on the topic of public art memorials to working class communities, by Emily Oldfield on Manchester’s art scene, by Doctor Magiot on Boris and Dave’s imagined excursion, by Elspeth Vischer and her fellow Word Lifers on the theme of marching by yourself, or by our various reviewers tackling the local and not-so-local gigs and records.

Our featured interviews throw quizzes towards comedian Bridget Christie, Shakesperian actor Barrie Rutter and a pair of bands in the shape of punks Wonk Unit and live hip hoppers Stuff.

Dig in and enjoy the read.