Partisan started with a simple idea. We love Manchester. We embrace its nightlife, never short of gigs in intimate venues, pop-up events, alternative comedy and more. We are curious about artists and experimentalists. We want to hear new ideas and think critically about politics, society and the world around us. We want to raise our voices and participate, have our say as citizens.

Our city’s rich culture couldn’t be part of our lives without the goodwill of micro-promoters, not-for-profit organisations, one-man initiatives and the hard work of dedicated volunteers. Needless to say, none of these initiatives will ever become a cash-cow businesses.

Manchester is a fast-growing city, and cultural and business opportunities are flourishing. This growth brings with it so many positives: more jobs in the creative industries, arts and education, new places to go out and a young, dynamic population. While we enjoy the value that expansion brings and the multitude of arts and entertainment on offer, it inevitably also brings further competition and extra commercial pressure. This pressure, compounded by the toxic effects of austerity, creates a difficult living and working environment that weighs heavily on the shoulders of all wanting to start something new or pursue work that actually benefits locals.

There’s more to Manchester’s identity than trendy Northern Quarter bars, independent Chorlton shops and the studenty Oxford Road corridor. LGBTQ communities, pro-environment and vegan groups, anti-capitalists movements, feminist organisations – our city has a long tradition of welcoming all sorts of people with ambitions, encouraging them to be loud and proud, and supporting their potential to make a change.

We want groups to have a space where they can meet, talk and train new volunteers. We want promoters to have a venue where they can host DIY gigs and events. We want a place where people will feel good, without any discrimination over how much they have to spend. We want to open a space that celebrates Manchester’s diversity, allowing individuals to come together and create something new. We want to position ourselves as a workers’ co-operative, to directly tackle the adverse working conditions created under austerity and to provide opportunities for work that are firmly rooted in community and creativity.

Partisan is ambitious and needs all the help it can get. We are aiming to open a space in Manchester as soon as we can. It will be a transformative and friendly hub with a cafe-bar and social space. It will host workshops, meetings, talks, shows, screenings and more. Whether you have skills in fundraising, events, running a kitchen or just some free time and enthusiasm to share, we want to hear from you.

Our first major hurdle will be raising the funds to secure a space and Partisan is currently looking for fundraising opportunities. If you are interested in putting on an event or gig, Partisan can help to organise and promote it. Alternatively, you can help by donating here. Get involved.


The next open general meeting is on 9 April, 4pm at Gullivers in the Northern Quarter. The next event is on 12 May, 7pm at Klondyke Club in Levenshulme.

Partisan Collective