So this year it’s Florence’s turn. That’s all it is, it’s just her turn to be flavour of the year.

Everybody gets a turn eventually – one good album, followed by two or three lacking any change of direction or creativity should propel an artist towards the wasteland that is the modern equivalent of AOR. Don’t get me wrong, she should grasp with both hands the opportunity given to her by the clearly accident-prone Dave Grohl.

The musik publik are notoriously fickle anyway, which seems to have spawned the trend by festival organisers to wheel out the obligatory ironic icons whose longevity is something that modern artists can only dream of.

It’s horrifying to think that, in a parallel universe, artists like Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, Björk or PJ Harvey might have been one hit wonders, forgotten like a phone banking security question.

Move on up! Pop pickers, be brave! Jink and swerve like the arctic hare on the permafrost!

Basically, new ideas are the new idea. I know its only rock and roll, but… is it though?

Brian Rooney