Welcome to our 33rd issue of Now Then, enthusing and opining about Manchester’s arts, culture and politics since October 2012.

Dave Ewing rounds up Manchester’s current seat at the Brexit table, and he also shares the album reviews with Dave Beech.

Manchester has a very scientific July lined up, with Science in the City festival, Bluedot and more – I posed questions to Mother and worriedaboutsatan, who’re both due at Jodrell Bank later this month, and Emma Nay sat down with NZCA Lines, who’re also on the bill.

Our other featured interview is with Harry Baker, a poetry slam champion, rap battler and maths graduate.

Elsewhere, Food (freecycling) and Drink (Port Street Beer House) join the Sound (new music exploration) and Word Life (summer reminisce) sections.

Art-wise, we have a ‘best of’ previous artists based across the Pennines in recognition of our Sheffield edition’s 100th issue.

Enjoy the read and get involved.

Background image by Phlegm.