It’s a striking image, the layers of human anatomy when divided into skeleton, muscles and skin, and represented in the shades of red, green, blue and yellow. Artist duo Carnovsky explain their process and inspirations in this month’s featured artist interview, but sometimes it’s better not to know the whys, as our friend’s skull protrudes his contorted expressions and leads us conveniently into October’s fright fest.

But there’s almost a whole month until then, filled by a fresh batch of introductions, refreshers and finales within out 36th issue.

Diving in, we have main interviews with the investigative journalist John Pilger, melody makers The Divine Comedy and Neko Neko, and URBED’s resident allotment futurist, Helen Grimshaw.

Word Life takes on an appropriately Hallowe’en theme, interpreting fears through the written word, and Chris Tavner reviews new local lit, while Amelia Bayliss describes how her fears of neglected tea breaks have been allayed.

Brian Rooney tackles a personal topic in this month’s sound, which is followed by live and album reviews. Among them are an exclusive listen to the first track to be pulled from Neko Neko’s long-awaited debut LP, so head to Albums now to find the soundtrack to your read.

The issue is bookended by pieces by Tom Warman covering Ancoats Dispensary’s latest funding drive and an in-depth review of Childhood of a Leader for Filmreel. Plus we look at HOME’s forthcoming Ousmane Sembène season.

Enjoy the read.