Darren Cullen’s warped art works are a real coup for this issue. The masterclass of visual satire begins from the image behind these words and continues through each of this month’s pages, with a button at the top left-hand side of your screen handily giving you the power to switch the view to full-sized images.

We also feature satire by way of Zachary Freeman’s regular Down In The Mouth section, this time looking at a brief comedy club career for the man they call ‘The Spreadsheet’. Brian Rooney too merges reality with surreality, imagining Gary ‘G Nev’ Neville in a sitcom with his brother, Phil. The personification of satire, Boris Johnson, is the subject of Boris!, a play coming to Manchester on 15 April, and we’ve interviewed its writer to find out what to expect.

On a more serious note, Andrew Wood considers the walk of the flâneuse, while David Ewing addresses the pending Gorton by-election and Manchester’s beer scene across separate articles.

Elsewhere, we feature reviews of Honeyfeet and Manu Delago in Live, and Pecha Kucha and the Worsley Radio relaunch in a new section, Talking Points, while the main music interview for this month is with The Moonlandingz.