Worsley Radio Re-Launch

11 March

“Apparently, we have a lot of listeners in Berlin.”

In an age where the DJ seems to be king, rather than a reflection of the music he or she decides to play, does anyone outside of Manchester remember Gino Brandolini? No, he's not dead. But he could - and there’s no reason to believe he couldn’t still do it now - fill a dance floor for a few hours or more with people dancing to his tunes. At places such as Isadora’s, a nonhuman casualty claimed by the 1996 Manchester bomb, he played the music, not the image.

Today, he’s still following his passion, along with a few other stalwarts, in continuing to promote music. Worsley Radio, covering a posh bit of Salford, is a radio station that’s promoting the local, existing and up-and-coming bands, stretching to a radius of 30 miles or so and also including the Liverpool area.

Its re-launch took place in the downstairs room at Gullivers, which is small and can be a bit chaotic at times, but isn't that how things should be?

The idea was that two hours of music and chat would take place between 5-7pm, followed by a free, live gig upstairs. Not so much an opening night as a rebirth, it gave the opportunity for Gino to earn his stars when dealing with the sometimes recalcitrant interviewees or those who wanted others to open up as if they were talking to an analyst.

So Stella Grundy talked about her recent collaborations and Chris Bridgett discussed his rehab and working with G-O-D, which we heard may include a slot supporting an up-and-coming quintet called The Roses.

Mike Bennett chatted about his recent signings, including newbies Brakes. Then it was upstairs for the free gig featuring the bands. Not sure about Berlin, but the reception in Manchester was pretty good.

Ged Camera


Inset photo by Ged Camera.

Pecha Kucha

30 March
Wonder Inn

PechaKucha is a night where a series of creative people deliver presentations featuring a series of slides on subjects of their choosing. Each speaker has 20 images for the presentation and only 20 seconds per image to speak, no stopping.

The nights take place every three months in different venues. The kooky Wonder Inn near Shudehill was the host this time, with a sell-out crowd in attendance.

The link between the speakers was creativity, either directly through their work or in their pursuits. Designers were heavily represented, including graphic designers and UX, which stands for ‘user experience’, in case you didn’t know (I didn’t).

There is a danger such talks could become pretentious, but instead each one was delivered earnestly. Themes of the desire to improve our communication were prominent throughout.

Daniel Thompson, a graphic designer and illustrator originating from Northern Ireland, spoke on how a willingness to talk to others helped him to settle into his new life in Manchester. He emphasised the need to be open in communicating with others, to talk and to actively listen, to be genuine.

Those coming from a design point of view, such as Christina Connelly, the aforementioned UX designer, talked about the need to consider the needs of others in your work.

Working collectively was also discussed in different ways, from how to work better in teams through to the social activism of Girl Gang Manchester. Their work is about creating spaces for women to come together to create a sense of empowerment, activism and friendship, with a healthy emphasis on fun.

The final speaker, Graham Jones of Loose Collective, explained that ‘geek is good’. His positivity enthused the crowd and summed up nicely the attitude of the entire event. The organisers asked everyone to talk in the breaks, to communicate and make new connections. In this spirit, my fiancé and I shared a drink with a couple we met and ended up arranging for them to come round to our house for a meal.

If you want to go to a unique event full of interesting and inspiring speakers, you won’t go far wrong by attending a PechaKucha night. Fair warning though - you might end up making friends.

Chris Tavner

PechaKucha Night Manchester Vol. 17 will be at Neo workspace, near Piccadilly Gardens, on Thursday 22 June, 2017. Details will be released nearer the time via social media and their mailing list: eepurl.com/civFmb


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