This month is firmly embedded in festival season. We have a bumper MIF retrospective, featuring reviews across theatre, gaming, music and conversation, with reviews also telling the tales of Greater Manchester Fringe Fest in Stage and Beat Herder in Live, which also features a review of Indigo Girls’ show following our interview with the band last issue.

Filmreel looks at David Lynch: The Art Life and War for the Planet of the Apes, as Mina Suder runs the rule over both. Word Life features carefully curated poetry on the theme of ‘stages of life’, while the Punk In Drublic poetry night is reviewed by Ged Camera.

The backdrops this time are by the seductive imagery of Nikita Kaun. As ever, full screen images are available via the ‘peel’ button at the top left of each page.

Localcheck picks out two topics worth a read: Wes Foster looks at the work of the local Carbon Co-op and Nick Hubble shares his thoughts on the future for cycling in the wake of Mobikes.

We also look further afield, with Jason Leman’s interview with a Basic Income guinea pig, Anne van Dalen, and HOME’s foray north of the border under the microscope.

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