Welcome to our first issue of 2018, one in which we’re wearing the big five-oh birthday badge.

The big music interview is with Detroit hip hop head Waajeed, and Stage sticks with the genre in theatrical form to review a pair of productions from the tail-end of 2017.

Elizabeth has compiled another engaging Word Life section, this time suitably geared towards new beginnings, while Localcheck takes a sobering look at festive financial hangovers.

Ged Camera contributes opinion pieces for Photography and Sound, and there are a handful of reviews in Records and Filmreel.

As usual, our January issue recaps the previous year’s featured artists, so refresh your memory of imagery created by the likes of Katie Ponder, Frank Kunert, Okuda San Miguel and Christina Mrozik.

Go ahead and have a gander while we blow out all those candles.

Background image by Daniel Danger.