We’ve ducked into the shade for long enough to assemble another index of Greater Manchester’s goings on throughout the cultural compass points, which for July means interviews, reviews and features on the following:

Stage editor Sadia Habib interviews the creators of Strife in a Northern Town; Amber Dawson looks at Salford poet JB Barrington’s life as a wordsmith; and the music section poses questions to Drenge and Dazzley Badger Festival.

We highlight the good work of Love For The Streets, who make up 20% of Manchester’s Gen DIY collective.

Elsewhere, Julia Moore delves into our relationship with money over the years and Ged Camera reviews his film pick of the year to date, Beast.

Art-wise, we’re taking a chance this issue to look back at the year so far, including the colourful contributions of Claire Riley (NT51), Chris Cyprus (NT52), Kate Morgan (NT53), Lisa O’Hara (NT54) and Helena Pérez Garcia (NT55).

Enjoy the read.

Cover art: Foxy George Leigh Street by Claire Riley.