Our art focus this month is courtesy of Instagram specialist photographer Lucas Jones, who took to the streets of Manchester in hunt of the Bee in the City trail. The trail itself continues through to 23 September, so you will have plenty of opportunity to continue scouting. Check the website for hunting tips. As ever, you can view full images by clicking the icon in the top left of each page.

The bees have been a welcome addition to the city and so too would be proposals for a new green thread connecting the city with the Irk Valley, as discussed in Localcheck. On the other side of the coin, the response to another, less welcome visitor to the UK is documented by Amber Dawson.

Elsewhere, Word Life focuses on heroes, and Stage features three reviews of a range of productions, while Ged Camera reports back on two summer festivals, one over the Pennines and the other closer to home. There’s also a tribute to local music man Tim Gray.

We’re going to be out and about again for a social on Thursday 20 September. It’s open to all and is a great opportunity to say hello if you’d like to get involved. Watch this space for more info and the venue.

Tuck in and we’ll see you in September.