Another month down the line and three more Beelines designs have been revealed by TfGM. It’s all very promising for anyone who favours people-oriented streets in which safety of those walking, using mobility aids or cycling is paramount. These smaller designs are in addition to a 5km scheme announced from Chorlton to Manchester, which is open for consultation until 11 January. Make sure you emphasise how welcome it will be, so that other schemes of similar and better design will continue to emerge across the Greater Manchester region. The topic is discussed further in this issue’s Localcheck section.

The featured artist for this issue is Neil Carribine, whose weird and whimsical work can be viewed behind each article – you can click the icon in the top left corner of the page to see those in full. The art section also looks at one of the exhibitions to emerge from With One Voice’s Homelessness Summit: The Ground Beneath Your Feet, which is reviewed by Holly Pollard.

We have a trio of interviews from across the arts: Elizabeth Gibson chats with Young Identity as part of a collaborative Word Life special; Kate Jessop tells us about multimedia comedy and animation; and 808 State recall 30 years in electronic music. Be sure to check out the rest of this issue, which nods to topics ranging from babywearing dance classes to cannabis policy and policing.

Enjoy the read.