Punk In Drublic #2

6 July
Reasons to Be Cheerful, Burnage

“It's really frustrating realising that your parents are having more sex than you are.”

That sentence was uttered by Grace Johnson, a 20-something with a six-year-old brother, during her slot at the second PunkInDrublic event. She then went on to deliver a devastating assault on linking male names to their performance in the bedroom. Anyone called Martin or Alan should avoid trying to chat her up.

The event took place at the Reasons To Be Cheerful (R2BC) beer shop on Burnage Lane, nestled between the Turkish cafe and Burnage train station, a small, warm cubbyhole of a place where the ales are fine and the staff are welcoming.

A few people travelled a fair distance to get there, with one person requiring advice on the best route back to Oldham. The American guy from Texas was not lost and was listed in the first half of the event. Randy Horton cleverly started with words about the use of sarcasm before ending at a point where he demonstrated that some Americans do understand irony.

The event is free to attend, but the MC, Rob Steventon, organises a raffle at the interval to support the Mustard Tree organisation, a cause that provides support to the homeless. With prizes such as a Brexit Survival Kit or a selection of beers from R2BC on offer, it’s worth a gamble, especially with decent odds of winning something.

I missed the rap artists who interweaved with the poetry and comedy, but caught Ros Ballinger as she warmed up for her performance at the Edinburgh festival. She's facing a quandary about her material, as her parents will be in the audience. Using a technique similar to Bowie’s when constructing lyrics for his early songs, she has been scanning dating sites and snaffling some of their details. What can go wrong with seeking someone with a GSOH? Maybe nothing, but the line “multi-orgasm training given” may grab the attention of a few people.

The format is that each performer will rarely last more than ten minutes and there is plenty of originality between them, so if you’re bored, you don’t have to wait too long for the next set.

“Sweet dreams are made of cheese,” is not a line from the headliner, Martin Cheeseman, but Gordon Zola. I can hear the groans. But, as he stated, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give an edam.”

Split into two sections with around ten performers taking part, and maybe a velociraptor sneaking on, there's plenty on show, and with MC Rob living a few doors down, no doubt there will be plenty more of these events.

Ged Camera