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Issue 24 October 2015

We’ve opted for militaristic imagery across this issue, courtesy of Polish dystopianist Mr Werewolf. Our small taster of his war-torn, mechanical worlds is worth exploring further, via all the clicks down the right hand column. To see beyond the words, direct your cursor towards the ‘toggle the background artwork’ function key, above to the left.

On the topic of the words, we’ve got plenty of those to go around. There’s a glance towards Manchester Literature Festival, which begins in earnest on 12 October following a few affiliated events. A Stage section including two reviews and an interview isn’t to be sniffed at, and Greater Manchester’s architectural prowess in the UK context is touched on during Laura Pascale’s rundown of the 2015 Stirling Prize shortlist. Musical ears can tune into the frequencies of Akua Naru, Battles, and a joint chat with Stone’s Throw touring pals Peanut Butter Wolf and Breakbeat Lou, along with a smattering on reviews. Common sense abounds across an interview with Channel 4 political theorist Paul Mason, echoed in Localcheck articles by David Ewing and Nathan McIlroy, and the other senses are sated between the lines.

Our door’s always open if you’d like to get involved by penning your thoughts. We have monthly writers’ socials, so drop me an email to find out more about those.

Enjoy the read.

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