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A healthy crowd turned out for the latest landing of Henge in Manchester. Unlike the War of the Worlds, which is currently undergoing yet another reimagining, these extra-terrestrials come in peace. And love. And all that fabled 1960s hippy spirit that bred a hotbed prog rock.

These personas are central to the spectacle. From when ringleader and spokesperson Zpor introduces the concept in vocoded tones while flanked by sceptre-wielding faceless mimes, through to leading a conga through an enraptured audience, eyes are glued to the four performers. Their debut album in called Attention Earth; it didn’t take long to show justify the name.

Their backstories are furthered by ‘The Great Venusian Apocalypse’, which, although described as a “lament” and carries a serious climactic undercurrent (for those who can speak Venusian…), is conversely upbeat and even puts a donk on it for the bombastic, body poppin’ finale.

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