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If it’s not frontman Thomson’s distinct flame-shock hair that caught the crowd’s attention as he came into vision, it will absolutely be the anthemic guitars and familiar sound of ‘Fuzzy Tree’ followed by their hit ‘Mother’.

The Amazons’ set was filled with songs from their two studio albums, and included covers of The Beatles’ ‘Helter Skelter’ and Oasis’ ‘Morning Glory’ that only amplified the dynamic atmosphere created by their captivating stage presence from all members of the band, a light-up on-stage structure representing their album artwork and a favourable set list. It was truly unmissable for any fan.

Splitting the upbeat, electric guitar-centric set was their piano ballad, ‘Palace’, which accentuated Thomson’s underrated vocals, which were also proven in their stripped back acoustic versions of a handful of their tracks. ‘Palace’ was certainly a crowd favourite; the lyrics reverberating around the room and back to the band.

Appreciation for Manchester and its status as a home of rock ’n’ roll was evident with Thomson’s speech: “Feels like the end of the tour… But it fucking might as well be, because we’re in Manchester town!” Oasis classic ‘Morning Glory’ then opened the encore, before transitioning into their own classic, ‘Junk Food Forever’. After a short, gratifying speech from Thomson, they ended the night with ‘Black Magic’, a song that left the crowd of thousands on an unbeatable euphoric high.

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