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Corner Control EP

Visualize E.T. cavorting around a roller disco. Now contemplate the type of music this image could possibly represent. Enter the world of space disco, brought to you by local lads James Gadsby and James Bollington. If a homesick extraterrestrial loosing itself on the realm of music isn’t enough to encourage your imagination, the Corner Control EP is a brilliant demonstration of two different spectrums merging to create a unique body of sound.

‘Ampelfrau’ demonstrates the duo’s ability to create a three-dimensional sound executed through a gradual build up of layers. It emanates these distinctive futuristic synths which become an important component of their music. Rather opposite to the typical Finnish pop scene, ‘Helsinki’ resembles more of a Darwin Deez indie pop sound, infused with a hint of European techno. Mellow and at times a touch repetitive, the classic house piano carries what is essentially a slow song along rather pleasantly.

‘Subway Blues’ is cleverly crafted to capture the mood and essence of an everyday commute. With this Corner Control have devised their own individual brand of electronica, a rhythmic and imaginative experience. Rounding proceedings off nicely is ‘Rubber Ball’. What initially mirrors the beginning of Lulu James’ ‘Closer’ is topped with more of the conventional punchy snaps, soaked in that familiar 80s electro.

What appears complex to the common ear is only the response of two lads on the quest to detach themselves from the realms of commercial electronic music and dive into this necessary experimentation. But what transpires from this seemingly effortless space disco record is at times disappointing. Like a space ship, at no point did any of the tracks take off. But I expect their live performances would be exhilarating, and disagreements aside this type of music has scope, so it’ll be interesting to see what may emerge next.