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Now Then. Issue 1.

Read the online version of our first print issue, which was published back in 2012.

by Now Then Manchester

OCT - NOV 2012.



5 // Localcheck.
Hosted By Manchester Mule.

7 // Assange.
Hide And Seek.

9 // Psychogeography.
This Is The Modern World.

12 // Food.
Eats Shoots And Leaves.

16 // Wordlife.

20 // Benjamin Zephaniah.
Dub Poet Talks To Now Then.

29 // Jonny Wan.
Digital Illustration Done Justice.

33 // Sound.
On Being A Southerner Up North.

34 // Live.
Nothin’ But Abattoir Blues Festival / Norvun Sunday.

35 // Manchester Scenewipe.
Spotlight / Listings Picks.

36 // Albums.
Pangaea / Grizzly Bear / DBH / Jamie Harrison / Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam Six.

38 // Warren Ellis.
Bearded Violinist Talks Dirty Three, Nick Cave and Soundtracks.

43 // Theatre.
Greater Manchester Comedy Fringe Festival / JB Shorts.

44 // Favourites.
Our Pick Of The Bunch.

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by Now Then Manchester

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