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Wilderness Record Store Hit the Groove

From Attic to Wilderness.

Hit the Groove Record Club began in an attic, with hummus and carrot sticks, with the intention of giving people the opportunity to listen to vinyl records in full and uninterrupted without the distraction of shuffle and repeat, to immerse themselves in the sounds of the music and the physicality of the record itself.

Whoever selected the record would introduce it with facts and anecdotes and then discussed afterwards in the group – a book club for music.

Wilderness Record Store signage

Wilderness Record Store

Ged Camera

It was some years later that I decided I wanted to try it in a venue, and that is how Hit the Groove ended up at its current home at the cosy Wilderness Records in Withington. Serving up coffee and pies as well a refined selection of records to purchase, it is a musical gem that has set itself apart from the many other bards in the area.

Linked by a loose association with the No Wave movement, Black Midi’s Schlagenheim and Suicide’s Suicide debut albums were the records of choice at the first event. The founder of the Black Midi fan group, Lucas MKV, and music journalist Fergal Kinney introduced them.

Some people observed and listened in silence. One audience member, transfixed, stared straight ahead, while most chatted to the people around them as they took it all in.

This month, we have chosen Scott Walker’s Scott 4 and Pulp’s His ‘n’ Hers, because of the impact Scott Walker had on many musicians, especially Jarvis Cocker. There’ll be crib sheets with facts about the bands and a playlist for punters to explore, linking the bands together.

The Next Hit The Groove Record Club is on 25 February from 7-9pm at Wilderness Record Store, Withington

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