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Naomi Klein On Fire: The Burning Case for a Green New Deal

The environmental case is overwhelming, but the transformative potential is also clear.

The award-winning journalist, author and political commentator's new book puts forward the case for the Green New Deal through a collection of essays and speeches she has made on the climate over a number of years.

As you would expect it's well researched, articulate and persuasive. The environmental case is overwhelming, but the transformative potential for the Green New Deal to help achieve social justice is also clear. The most surprising ingredient here is hope. This book is as much about the potential world we can build as it is about the world we will lose if we don't act.

On Fire places this moment in history. There is huge potential here, but Klein concedes that it's hard to see how we will get there. The Green New Deal requires a complete system change that any conservative or even centre-led government would be fundamentally, ideologically opposed to.

This book offers hope, but feels like it is addressed to a sympathetic ear that already understands the need. The world is on fire - but we are still alarmingly far away from winning the argument.

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