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The Manchester edition of Now Then is no longer publishing content. Visit the Sheffield edition.

Jason Leman

Researcher and activist

Jason Leman

Jason is a researcher and activist, campaigning on democratic and income inequality. He facilitates the Sheffield Equality Group, is co-founder of UBI Lab Sheffield, and a PhD candidate in Politics. He occasionally inflicts poetry on the public, delights his neighbours with singing, and sometimes offers tax efficient financial advice as a partner in Dodge & Co. To get in touch with Jason, just lurk for a while by a woodland or allotment and he'll probably turn up.

Shaping Democracy

We need to stop looking for leaders who embody our desires, identities and dreams. Whenever the clay of democracy starts to dry, we need to wet it again – or we risk our leaders moulding us.

Anne van Dalen The New Normal?

What is it like to be the recipient of a ‘basic income’? We hear about an experiment in the Netherlands.