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The Manchester edition of Now Then is no longer publishing content. Visit the Sheffield edition.

Sam Walby

(he/him) Editor-in-Chief

Sam Walby
I've been Now Then Editor-in-Chief since 2009. I'm a regular contributor and a Director at Opus Independents, the company that publishes Now Then. In my spare time I like to make music and play games of the tabletop and video variety.

Spectre at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2019

Part of this year's Alternative Realities programme, Sheffield Doc/Fest's mixed reality offering, Spectre by Bill Posters and Dr Daniel…

The Chris Arnold Experience

Frankly we had forgotten all about him, but apparently Chris Arnold is back in the North with a stand-up comedy show this month.

High Time To Legalise and Regulate

As a change in the law opens the door for unrestricted research into the medicinal benefits of cannabis, are we witnessing a "revolution"?


I was recently moving some furniture around at a Sheffield city centre venue, getting ready for a gig, and one of Alex Ekins’ life-sized…


Katie Ponder’s artwork was brought to our attention earlier this year and we knew straight away it would look great on these here…


Nikita Kaun is a self-taught digital illustrator based in Saint Petersberg. Occasionally gothic, sometimes quite dark, his work is visually…

Check The Method

If you walk around Manchester or Sheffield regularly, it’s quite likely you’ll recognise the work of this month’s featured artist, Marcus…

Grace & Precision

Based in the US, Christina Mrozik seems to bring every piece of paper that crosses her desk to life – the kind of deep feeling, let alone…