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The Manchester edition of Now Then is no longer publishing content. Visit the Sheffield edition.


Campaign Launches to End Spiking in Manchester

Girls' Night In Manchester urges clubbers to boycott clubs until stronger action is taken to prevent spiking drinks. Now Then traces the campaign's origins and aims.

The Future is Bright and Green

We find out about the origins and future plans of a cargo bike logistics co-op that formed during the pandemic, Chorlton Bike Deliveries.

Digging a Way Forward

With the hospitality industry reeling from recent events, we spoke with ShinDigger co-founder George Grant about how the brewing company has coped with these challenges.

Andy Burnham On the Back-Burnham

Assessing the Mayor's merits four years on, we look at homelessness, air quality and a run as 'King of the North'

Underworld Manchester Street Poem

How Underworld's Manchester International Festival 2017 installation has continued to support the city's homeless and marginalised.

Election Autopsy

In the Local Elections, as predicted, Labour and the Conservatives both saw large vote losses across Greater Manchester. However, the end…

Manchester Day, Frogs and Fountains

Manchester Day Celebrating its tenth year, Manchester Day took over the streets and squares of Manchester city centre to showcase all the…

A New Chapter

We spoke to Jez Hall of the Levenshulme Old Library committee about the reopening of Levenshulme's Carnegie Library and the plans for its future.