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96 Back Excitable, Girl

Excitable, Girl
325 1551265010

We're often told to support local produce where we can. This 12-track album from CPU Records couldn't be more local if it tried.

The South Yorkshire imprint has changed tactics somewhat in 2019, with a focus on delivering double albums. Following on from Mikron's Severance, local lad 96 Back offers something wonderfully mature that's full of rich textures and winding soundscapes. The connection becomes even stronger with bonafide Sheffield legend Rob Gordon on mastering duties.

Longform electronic releases are a brave venture for many artists and labels, but Evan Majumdar-Swift delivers something that in places is utterly sublime. Beginning with the otherworldly and haunting 'I'm Lost', it sits on the shoulders of earlier beatless excursions by the likes of Jeff Mills. There's plenty for the fanatical CPU fan to get their teeth into, with 'Ghzel Tea' and 'Digi Trigger' continuing the label's trademark electro sound.

CPU are playing the long game

It's the calm between the electro storms that allows this to be genuine long-player and gives the record room to breathe, rather than having a relentless focus on the dancefloor. CPU are playing the long game, realising that while it's good to rock a club there's a need for the scene to leave a legacy.

I've no doubt that some of these tracks will live on as long as those produced by Gordon 30 years earlier. 'Vennsate (Reprise)' is a beautiful way to finish and shows a different side to Majumdar-Swift's output, one that will be a pleasure to hear more of.

Andy Tattersall