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A Year With 13 Moons

The Texan electronic music Einstein launches 2015 into an age of musical frontiers. With a cosmic flavour, this digital composer of over 20 years’ experience brings us a new twist on romantic ambience.

Like the sunrise on the Earth as seen from the lunar surface, the entrance of the album is bright, head-noisy and full of energy. Huge columns of sound sprinkle as if sunbeams creeping over the continents. A satellite signal manages to crumble through the natural chaos, clicking and beeping in frantic speculation, but for us the dawn is all there needs to be. Swathes of enchanting, hammered strings sweep us into the next track. The listener, safe and cosy in a little boat, surfs on the crest of a coursing shard of light.

Mechanical feels take the music further into sci-fi, detuned radio samples expertly woven into shoe-gazing atmosphere makes the next track, ‘Love After Love’, speak more of what the disk is doing, where it wants to go. This is a work of reminiscence. Still deeper it journeys, where the pulse becomes sensual, the echoing chord progression mirroring the ebb of gravity. Sometimes we are enough to just be, and this is where we are at.

A story unfolds, not only with clever track titles but in the technical direction of each track. Yes, they all sound like the same artist, and yes, they fit nicely together, but for electronic music their unique flavours are remarkably worked. Although entertained and pleasantly distracted from past moments, it doesn’t take long before the similar feel of the sunrise haunts us again, albeit with a new backdrop. As we travel from moon to moon, we encounter beauty in light several times.

Caution: May leave listener lost in thought.