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Biochip Synthase

580 1564671229

Unveiling a whole new artist to an already established roster pays dividends, as CPU Recordings hand their lauded platform over to debutantes Biochip.

Hailing from Montreal, Melissa Speirs and Julian Kochanowski deliver a rewarding and varied eight-track vinyl offering. As with previous releases in 2019, this fits nicely within the CPU stable as motorik electro beats jostle for attention alongside smart grooves.

Electro is only ever a track away

Flawless production is typified across the whole release, as 'M.O.' slides into the catalogue like it was always meant to be a CPU tune. 'Acid Billy' harks back to classic Force Inc and Rising High's zenith, with incessant acid lines and discordant chimes laid across a bleeding four-on-the-four kick drum. 'Frame Shift' grinds out heavy-machined electro, which is as menacing as it is mesmerising. 'Dusty Dossier' is about as Chicago Jackmaster as the label has ever gone, with 909s and bubbling warehouse basslines that build up to an ecstatic finale.

Electro is only ever a track away, with 'Information Superhighway' and its indistinguishable science fiction vocals set over a reverberated dystopian groove. 'Tone Forest' skips along as a cheeky electro number that leaves you a little disoriented. It would happily accompany a session on classic driving game Out Run. 'Simulated Events' and 'Doctor Effect' complete the full release with more high-quality organic electro. This fine debut has left the bar very high for the duo's follow-ups.

Andy Tattersall