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Bodach A Flickering Wick

A Flickering Wick
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As heavy two-piece outfits go, Bodach are certainly one of the more ear-catching. On their newest offering, A Flickering Wick, Rotherham's heaviest duo infuse seismic grooves with some interesting influences to match the EP's subject matter, the Icelandic season of fire known as Brennuöldin.

Fans of Wardruna will appreciate the droning, monastic vocals on the opening track, 'Every Age Divides'. The atmosphere is aptly befitting of Norse tales regaled around a fire on a brisk night.

The meat of this record, however, provides greater insight into the established Bodach sound - raw, Kyuss-esque riffs that focus on impact and groove with rhythmic vocal lines and tones as thick as treacle.

there's a lo-fi rawness to the record

'Laika' opens with a hint of psychedelia, as eastern-inspired drones ring in and out, while the title track and 'The Shunt' display the duo's riffing prowess. Despite clocking in at only 15 minutes, the EP covers a lot of ground in such a limited runtime. It will be intriguing to see how these ideas are developed should they follow up with a full-length LP.

Interestingly, it is also worth noting that this record was recorded in single takes, barring overdubbed vocals and keys. As such, there's a lo-fi rawness to the record which more casual fans of heavier music may not take to immediately. But those who are well versed in the likes of Melvins and the more experimental side of sludge are sure to take notice - and so they should.

Nick Gosling

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