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Car Seat Headrest Making a Door Less Open

Car Seat Headrest are experimenting with electronic sounds after a tour-de-force of breakthrough albums that saw Will Toledo decreed an indie-god.

Released: 1 May 2020
Making a Door Less Open

'Hollywood' is a gleeful misdirection, with lyrics that seem facile but function as rock'n'roll smoke and mirrors, and find Toledo literally donning a mask for this publicity tour. "Hollywood makes me wanna puke," he and drummer Andrew Katz screech in unison, but with its zig-zag of catchy guitar riffs they admit, ashamedly, that it can also be fun.

There are as many hits as misses. 'Hymn (Remix)' could be happily cut out, while 'Can't Cool Me Down' is the glittery bedroom-banger of early quarantine. 'Deadlines (Thoughtful)' is, if you'll excuse one reductive Radiohead comparison, the 'Idioteque' of the album - not just because it's the best song on here, but because it serves as its glitchy, nerve-ridden crescendo, offering panicky breathing exercises in one hand and the dancefloor in the other. "I am not awake / I am not asleep / I am not so shallow / I am not that deep," whines Toledo in limbo.

It's the plight of many bands; the tug-of-war between old, proven sounds and new noises. Toledo offers no easy solutions but in doing so crafts an album full of irony, one that isn't just about transformation but is transformative itself.

The last line of closer 'Famous' is elliptical: "Change your mind / Did you change your..." The thought is left unresolved, distorting still.

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