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Cherubs Immaculada High

Immaculada High
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Immaculada High is a brutal, relentless album for the noisecore aficionado. Perhaps the grandfather of the current generation of noise rockers, as seen on Exploding In Sound's roster, Cherubs storm unannounced, flooding all senses with their unrepentant style, consolidated through raw live shows in the early nineties.

Time never stops. 20 years after breaking up, Cherubs came back. Five years down the line, they prove that this comeback wasn't a cheap nostalgia cash-in. Whatever makes Cherubs tick storms in fierce waves through Immaculada High.

Chunky distortion, a menacing drumbeat, a slithering bass line. All three elements of Cherubs rise in every track. The succinct ones ('Pacemaker', '18 The Number') work like segues to all-encompassing moods, painting a gloomy violence that comes naturally after years of experience. The listener might feel like a trimaran facing a squall.

Everything we've done to the planet will come back

The slower parts ('IMCG', 'Breath U Can C') serve as the eye of the storm, a pressure that builds on psychedelic atmospheres until the gale comes once again, full force.

Cherubs themselves admit this album would soundtrack mother nature's furious and righteous anger towards humanity. Everything we've done to the planet will come back. We might as well go down with a nifty soundtrack.

Gentlemen, it's been a pleasure listening to y'all.

Sam J. Valdés López

by Sam J
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