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Compilation #3

Generic Greeting is a Manchester-based collective of artists, illustrators, musicians and general creative types. This, their third compilation of cuts by their resident producers and DJs, is released on cassette and a ‘pay-what-you-like’ download. There’s a broad spectrum of genre-bending electronic music on offer with plenty to please anyone with an open mind and eclectic tastes. There’s twisted trip hop from Big War on tracks like ‘Urk’, chill-out ambience from No Arms on ‘Kuhn’, dancefloor bothering house from SZAJNA, and darker, grimier beats from Kernon on ‘Thugg’. Other standout tracks include ‘Go Down’ by Quieteyes, Kernon’s percussive and aptly titled closing track ‘Artist’ and ‘Eternity’ by Big War, on which Bay Area rapper Issue has provided vocals.

Like much of the collective’s visual work, the music on here is at times challenging, slightly odd yet enthralling and always expertly crafted with a deft artist’s touch.

Adam Robertshaw