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Courtney Marie Andrews Loose Future

Heartbreak hits harder in the fall, but Courtney Marie Andrews has got you covered.

Released: 7 October 2022
Loose Future

Loose Futures is your rainy-day album this autumn. Grab yourself a blanket, a cup of tea, and listen. The sound of this album wraps you up in a warm hug: whatever you’re feeling, you smile and snuggle into your blanket. A good songwriter writes what you feel – and Courtney Marie Andrews is a great songwriter.

Take lines like: “Noone stays together now, no gives a damn about pushing through to the end,” and “Why do I give you satisfaction of knowing I still care?” They’re relatable, right? We’ve all been there, we’ve all thought this.

The first lines of ‘Let Her Go’ – “She’s got wild flowing hair, in the California ease, she’ll make you fall in love, with a heart you can’t keep” – they make you stop and remember. Who have you loved like this? By the time the refrain comes in you think ‘Courtney, you’re probably right. I should let her go. But I won’t.”

This album is not all about heartbreak though. When that autumnal love comes along (and it will), Courtney gives you ‘Good Old Days’. A perfect soundtrack for a slow Sunday baking cakes with your new crush. As an album, Loose Future reminds me why I like singer-songwriters. They get you where it feels. It’s deep, and it’s cathartic. But sometimes we need that from our music – especially in the autumn.