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Crawlies Crawlies EP

Crawlies’ self-titled debut EP captures the essence of tranquillity after a period of chaos.

Released: 7 August 2020
Crawlies EP

Six unique and individually brilliant tracks make up a record which explores feelings of fascination and devotion. Produced on Sheffield’s DIY label Delicious Clam, the EP is as wistful as it is joyous. The band have struck a perfect balance of bliss and soothing jams, with the ambience of the songs changing constantly.

Both ‘Lifeboat’ and ‘Movement’ have a hook-laden jangling indie sound, not too dissimilar to the likes of Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever. However, these dreamy melodies and laid-back vocals don’t define the whole record. ‘The Rain Is Coming’ is an eerie, orchestral song which bursts into life with the inclusion of Ben Hall from Mr Ben and The Bens playing the cornet. ’Shadows’ gains power from its plaintive melody and tactile nature.

The highlight of the EP is the last track, titled ‘Old News’. Initially driven by calming organ keys, the tune is transformed into a noise-pop anthem led by guitar distortion and a harsh yet hypnotic beat. This is an EP that gets better and more soulful with every listen, each time leaving the listener with something else to ponder. An outstanding debut from one of Sheffield’s newest and most compelling acts.

by Daniel Atherton (he/him)
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