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Dead Slow Hoot A Kinder Kind

Dead Slow Hoot’s highly-anticipated EP A Kinder Kind beautifully combines the atmospheric with the intimate.

Released: 17 June 2021
A Kinder Kind

Sheffield/London based four-piece Dead Slow Hoot have followed up their critically-acclaimed debut No Reunions with epic seven-song EP A Kinder Kind. With a strong theme of dark indie and post-punk throughout, the tracks are deeply personal and openly discuss the struggles the band members have experienced over the past few years.

‘Dark Pockets’ is a gentle opener. The tender, folky track is something you could listen to while gazing out of a train window at surrounding green fields. But this by no means sets the tone for the EP. ‘Gesticulating Wildly’ is much harsher, with pounding guitar tones making the final couple of minutes incredibly intense. ‘Low Road’ continues the theme of personal insecurities, looking at how conforming to social trends can cripple your mental health. The roar of the vocals from Hugo Lynch captures this perfectly.

Lead single ‘Taller Tree’ touches on how to deal with these insecurities and develop healthy coping mechanisms, as well as toxic traits people use for success in the world of politics. The killer guitar riffs, relentless drumming and frantic energy make this the stand-out track. Penultimate track ‘Until Your Breathing Drowns It Out’ is wonderfully soothing, with a melancholic chorus that’s nothing short of mesmerising.

Described by BBC Introducing’s Christian Carlisle as “serotonin in sound form”, it’s difficult not to feel a sense of urgency to this album. Despite the post-punk genre becoming more populated, A Kinder Kind stands out from the crowd. An absorbing familiarity is met with a distinct freshness on an all-round excellent record.

by Daniel Atherton (he/him)
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