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I’ve recently been struggling with an old iPod classic that has a smashed screen, meaning that when I listen to an album I can’t tell what song I’m on or how far in I am. This was no problem with the new Vessels album though, as every track seems to flow into the next with beautiful precision.

Before a couple of years ago, I dismissed most electronic music as a genre I would never be able to get into, relying on music that was much heavier on the lyrics to provide me with my musical fix. It’s albums like Dilate that helped me to realise that I was wrong. Like MMOTHS, Vessels are putting out some beautiful tracks that keep you bobbing with every drum beat and shivering with every sound laid over them. ‘Elliptic’, ‘As You Are’ and ‘On Your Own Ten Toes’ really stand out as the best tracks on a fantastic album.

While I could understand why many will be put off by the lack of vocals on the album, this is one that I will certainly be returning to and so should you if you have a love of electronic music. Vessels are the kind of band that make me want to get a film up and running so I can ask them to provide an apocalyptic soundtrack. They’re the kind of band that forces euphoric doom through every nerve.