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Don’t Let The Kids Win

Julia Jacklin’s debut album is the serving of mellow melody missing from your October playlist. If my initial impressions of the record weren’t high enough, it’s been a musical experience which keeps giving each time you listen or learn a little more about the artist.

As opener ‘Pool Party’ kicks in, an immediate PJ Harvey meets Laura Marling flavour hits the senses. Julia has a truly stunning voice, soft yet strong and clear. ‘Pool Party’ is not only the album opener but the debut single, an obvious choice as it combines a memorable tune with absorbing lyrics centred around the debauchery of youth. Delving a little deeper, it’s apparent that the themes of age, youth and even a touch of nostalgia run through. ‘Coming of Age’ is another favourite, and for a folk-influenced album it has more of a 90s feel, with a touch more guitar and reverb for a weightier sound.

On the other end of the spectrum, tracks like ‘Motherland’, ‘Sweet Step’ and ‘Hay Plain’ have much more of a traditional American folk sound, again drawing on strong female influences. The title track concludes the album with personable lyrics which are sure to resonate with all 20-something listeners transitioning into a new chapter of their lives.

An artist for everybody to enjoy, Jacklin's voice carries a maturity way beyond her years while holding on to the delicacies of youth through her tender lyrics.

Tasha Franek