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DSL Official BloodSport EP

BloodSport is a two-track release that shows listeners where DSL Official has taken his abilities since his last release back in 2018. The sound is now darker and heavier.

Released: 17 April 2020
BloodSport EP

'BloodSport', inspired by the eighties film of the same name, is one of the strongest tracks to come from the Sheffield native that isn't still reserved as a dub. It's an imposing reminder of his knack for never losing his touch or missing a step when it comes to his tracks.

Musically, 'BloodSport' and 'Bolo' represent physical competition in the way they use synths and 808 elements. They're two instrumentals that sound like two separate battles, referring to the nature of both the genre DSL's music often occupies and the scenes in the 1988 Newt Arnold directed film Bloodsport.

By throwing 'Bolo' in there, a meaty drill track crafted by someone who has the experience to make any take on 140 music sound better than you might predict, DSL has made a short but memorable release. Like most of his releases so far, BloodSport leaves you wanting more - what else can the grime stalwart do with his sound?