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Emmy The Great April / 月音

Right from the outset, Emmy The Great’s April / 月音 strikes a deeply emotional chord. Her use of dynamic melodies and stirring lyrics embody that of a musical love letter. Her particular love letter is for her place of birth, Hong Kong.

Released: 5 October 2020
April / 月音

“I was there for a music residency, and had expected to feel an instant click,” explains Emmy. “Instead, I realised that Hong Kong had an identity quite separate from the mainland, and with my mother tongue reinstated, I was beginning to come to terms with that identity being a part of mine. This was tough – I was born in Hong Kong but I’ve always felt complicated about it.”

Her feelings materialise in this album, particularly demonstrated by her infusion of Cantonese into the lyrics, bringing to the forefront her complex sense of identity. The track ‘Writer’ is reflective and poetic in nature. The blissful tone and captivating chorus portray Emmy’s self-exploration, as she walks the city guided by the moon and contemplates her place within it.

Bouncy guitar licks and soulful delivery are paired with a pop sensibility. The first single from the album, ‘Dandelions / Liminal’, centres around accepting uncertainty, as well as not fighting against your own sorrow and the sorrow of the world.

Despite the album marking a moment in time before the destiny of Hong Kong shifted towards something more uncertain, it retains an overwhelming sense of possibility. Oozing captivating soundscapes and rich textures, Emmy The Great has certainly not disappointed.

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