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Folk trio Red Trees are an incredibly intimate band with a heart for all things local and natural. Currently engaged in a project with Sea Records, an independent label from York, the band will be releasing a series of four EPs via Sea, each relating to a different season. The music will all be written and recorded at home, which plays a huge part in the stripped back, organic feel to the records. EP2 – or “the autumn chapter”, as it was written during autumn 2013 – was released last month.

The record begins with the stunning track, ‘New Leaves’, instantly giving us a taste of the fragility and delicacy of their sound. The male-female harmony provides the perfect tonal amalgamation which, set over the gentle strings from the acoustic, demonstrates the true beauty of folk music. ‘Blaze’ continues with the same natural and autumnal imagery displayed in its precursor, both lyrically and musically. Again the harmonies are flawless and the chorus sending shivers down the spine on every play. This one has to be my choice track. The final track of the EP, ‘The Lock’, is another favourite – slightly different to the others due to the male lead, but just as fragile and sweet.

You really can’t fault Red Trees on the precision of their harmonies. Each track has been handcrafted with love and attention, creating a special kind of intimacy between the band and the listener. By listening we complete the carefully constructed puzzle. The slight fuzz underneath each song, caused by the back-to-basics recording set up, really adds to the music. It’s clear that the band don’t need fancy equipment to sound fantastic. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.

by Tasha Franek (she/her)