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Fantastic Blue

Ivan Campo’s latest release takes you on a 20-minute journey of emotional folk songs. They have stayed true to their principle of only releasing albums compiled of seven tracks, which makes for a short but sweet listen. The album’s undertone is somewhat bipolar – bright melodies with minor sounding accompaniment. Most of the songs are about love and happiness. Lyrics such as, “Only when you’re dancing does it make me feel all right,” sung in a sweet, reminiscent voice provide a slightly moody feel, but despite this a few of the songs do make you want to get up and have a little jig. Some of the echoey harmonies could be compared to Simon and Garfunkel, along with slightly strange tempos and harmonicas akin to Bruce Springsteen.

A fantastic release which reflects on topics like modern music culture, drinking and dreaming, but could be improved with more adventurous melodies.

Sara Louise Tonge