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Faze Miyake Classic

From hearing the opening track 'Foundation' it's a given that Classic will shine in the production department, simply because it's the celebrated producer Faze Miyake behind it.


Yet without hearing the full EP, it's too easy to wonder what else the established beatmaker could possibly add by being on the microphone. The answer is best found in tracks 'Bon Appetit', 'Goodfella' and 'Foundation'. Subtle qualities such as how well the vocals sit in the instrumentals of these tracks (namely on 'Goodfellas' and 'Foundation') and how well executed they are (in particular on 'Bon Appetit', where Miyake and Elheist's complementary approach is refreshing) demonstrate that it's unlikely these songs would have emerged the same had anyone but Miyake been on top of it.

What also makes Classic work well is that Miyake doesn't try to steer attention away from his abilities behind the buttons in hopes it'll make listeners appreciate his voice more. Two of Classic's best tracks are instrumentals; 'Gran Turismo' is as clean as the best Miyake beats and is a pleasure to listen to because of its unique and nuanced production. It's a highlight on Classic along with the other intricate instrumental outing, 'Absolute'.

The take away from Classic is that Faze has his own ideas on how to approach the music he makes and enjoys, but that he is also self-aware enough to know that combining this with his strongest talents, rather than neglecting them for the other, is what will make EPs such as Classic enjoyable listens.