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Found This Love EP

Kicking things off straight away with a punchy synth bassline and a simple, clap-accented beat on 'Hold Me (Don't Let Me Go)', Yarni's Found This Love EP immediately transports you to the entrance of a dark warehouse basement, the repetitive and driving rhythm putting you right here.

The scrambled and distorted vocal samples throughout this release are used to great effect, adding a human element to the otherwise mechanical grooves without ever being recognisable as actual words. The title track's repeated hook uses one sample in a particularly memorable fashion.

Closing track 'Leaning' slightly overstays its welcome at over seven minutes, especially when compared to the brevity of the other tracks, but its more minimal and restrained feel is a welcome bit of variety.

One of the many joys of electronic music is the virtually limitless possibility in terms of the sounds and timbres available, and the aurally satisfying clicks on this track go a long way towards proving that the use of this potential can have as much of an impact on the listener's enjoyment as the structure or melody of a track.

Found This Love is certainly not groundbreaking, but it's a neat little package of danceable tunes that should do well on the club circuit, and it's definitely deserving of your money, as all proceeds go to The MS Society and Macmillan.

Richard Spencer